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All Photos Copyright Lilly B. Photography, LLC | 318.623.7765 | Alexandria, Louisiana

Dustin + Amanda

"It's not a secret that I suffer from anxiety. Most of the free world knows that I can go from smiling, to not being able to breathe in about half a second. With that being said, you can imagine how overwhelming the thought of being in front of a camera is for me,
especially as the main target!!

Our search for a wedding photographer was relentless. Months of talking to different people, getting quotes, and trying to find the right fit for us became one of the most anxious times of my life! Then I drove home one weekend, grabbed my mom, took the advice of my wonderful wedding coordinator, and met Lilly. The instant I met her, I knew she wasn't like the others. (The others are GREAT, just not for me)

The ease at which our conversation flowed, the thoughtfulness behind her cupcakes and coffee/tea, and her genuine desire to truly get to know me had me signing the contract 2 hours later. I knew in my heart that she would not only capture all the moments that Dustin and I couldn't see happening, but also the ones between us that would probably be stamped in our hearts forever because of her talent.
I have never been more correct in my life.

Lilly did SO MUCH more than that. I can count one one hand the people in my life that have the ability to ease my anxiety. I've known Lilly for a year and a half now, and she is one of them. There's a quiet confidence in her that I've never seen in anyone before. She is so darn sweet, but she also has a vision and is able to lead you to help her get
"the perfect shot".

My favorite quality in Lilly is her ability to 'be there', but not be seen. It's like a crazy super hero power or something! Throughout all of our events, I could feel her there... but she always allowed Dustin and I to be the center of attention. She never oversteps. She is so easy to love and has become someone I'm dying to be close friends with.

If your looking for the most glamorous pictures that are photoshopped with 10 different filters, Lilly B. is not your girl. But, if you're looking for full blown memories that will bring tears to your eyes and take your breath away, she is THE ONE!"